Fintech Influencer, Educator or Innovator?

Martin C. W. Walker
2 min readOct 23, 2021


Social and traditional media seem to be drowning in Fintech experts. No wonder it such a vibrant sector but what kind are you?

Fintech Educators

Fintech Educators work hard to understand the technologies and financial models of the Fintech industry. They are critical thinkers who look up original sources and critically evaluate the quality of information and arguments. They also continually ask difficult questions about what works or not. Finally, they explain in clear terms what Fintech is all about to the wider world. Many of the better journalists, academics and experienced practioners are Fintech Educators.

Fintech Innovators

Fintech Innovators are the people who study in depth the real problems of the financial world. They invent new business models, technological solutions and financial products. They do not think that simply naming a problem, waving their hand and saying “machine learning”, “blockchain” or “API” is a solution Their innovations do not always work and they may actually cause more harm than good to the wider world but they do exhibit the ability to be both analytical and imaginative.

Fintech Influencers

Fintech Influencers are not be confused with Fintech Educators and Fintech Inventors. Both groups that can have a major influence on the world. Pure influencers tend to gather their information mostly from social media occasionally venturing into Wikipedia if really confused. The number one priority of an influencer is to find the latest bandwagon to jump onto. If something is already being over hyped, influencers take it as a signal to talk it up even more.

Which type of Fintech expert are you? There is still time to change.