Cryptocurrencies are the Pinnacle of Civilisation — A Warning from the Galactic Federation

Guest writer Klaatu from the Galactic Federation explains how pinnacles are very dangerous places

Klaatu Speaks

My mission is to travel across the galaxy in search of civilisations on the cusp of achieving a specific level of technological, economic and social development. . It can a highly satisfying job if I arrive at the right time. In those cases I offer membership of the Galactic Federation and mentoring in the ways of advanced civilisation. Far too often it is too late because civilisations have invented the most destructive technology known to all sentient creatures; the cryptocurrency. That is why call this period in a planet’s development the “Cryptocurrency Pinnacle”.

As each civilisation develops it goes through multiple crises of economics. In these crises the value of creating goods and services (of use to the population) is forgotten and planets go mad believing that money can simply be made from money in financial bubbles. What more primitive people’s fail to realise is that most of the damage caused by financial bubbles is when they are being inflated rather than when they burst.

Bubbles cause damage through varying combinations of the following,

The Metalunian Perspective

Planets in general go through these cycles until they decide to fix the system, I come along or cryptocurrencies are invented. Cryptocurrencies are the ultimate tool for creating and perpetuating bubbles. Their “de-centralised” nature is designed to stop authorities holding anyone responsible for the damage caused by cryptocurrencies. The idea that they are “innovative” combined with the complexity of the systems built around them, including what you call “stable coins”, confuse law makers long enough to stop anything being done about them until it is too late. They also be nature, if genuinely de-centralised, immensely environmentally destructive.

Tokenisation can go too far

Eventually the crooks behind cryptocurrencies become so rich that they buy politicians, academics and journalists. The new truth (actually an enormous lie) becomes that we can all become rich and virtuous by doing our part to replace corrupted old system. A lie that even stretches to making the world more artistic and beautiful because art is “on the blockchain”.

Looking at your cryptocurrency bubble, I fear I have arrived too late to save you from your greed and arrogance. You have a choice. If you want my help, I will destroy the Bitcoin farms and deport the dozen criminals running the crypto economy to Pluto. Otherwise you are doomed. You have 30 days to decide. However, whatever you choose you must tell me the location of the inhabitant of Proxima Centauri’s third planet, called the Muskoid. He is wanted for many crimes. Tell me his location or I will destroy the Earth.



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