Martin C. W. Walker

Social and traditional media seem to be drowning in Fintech experts. No wonder it such a vibrant sector but what kind are you?

Fintech Educators

Fintech Educators work hard to understand the technologies and financial models of the Fintech industry. They are critical thinkers who look up original sources and critically evaluate…

“As a senior manager in a bank it is genuinely difficult to know if you pull a lever or press a button what will happen.”

Interview with Kevin Rodgers (former Global Head of FX Trading at Deutsche Bank)

Kevin Rodgers started his career as a trader in 1990 with Merrill…

There are many things that fill Bitcoin fans with pride. One is the recent spike in its value, which clearly reflects the world (apparently including institutional investors) coming to its senses and recognising the genius of Satoshi Nakamoto. Another is the fixed supply that apparently makes the cryptocurrency immune to…

Martin C. W. Walker

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